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Armageddon Championship Series: Grand Finale
Blitz 3+2

The Armageddon Championship Series, renowned for its intense competition and jaw-dropping moments, has been a thrilling journey leading up to this defining moment. This prestigious tournament brings together some of the world's most exceptional chess players who will engage in fantastic battles under immense time pressure, making it the most dramatic chess format ever witnessed.


Every match is brought to life with captivating play-by-play commentary, providing in-depth analysis and expert insights into the players' strategies and thought processes. Accompanying the commentary is sideline coverage, where reporters interview players, capture their emotions, and delve into the tactical intricacies of each game.


The stakes are incredibly high, as the players vie not only for glory but also for a share of the $200,000 prize fund.

Org. WorldChess,
45 rounds
(Swiss) ∙
Ended ∙
17:00Sep 14
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Is it rated?

Yes, this tournament is FIDE Rated and will affect your FIDE Rating.


How are scores calculated?

A win has a base score of 2 points, a draw 1 point, and a loss is worth no points. If you win two games consecutively you will start a double point streak, represented by a flame icon. The following games will continue to be worth double points until you fail to win a game. That is, a win will be worth 4 points, a draw 2 points, and a loss will still not award any points.

For example, two wins followed by a draw will be worth 6 points: 2 + 2 + (2 x 1)


How is the winner decided?

The player(s) with the most points at the conclusion of the tournament's set time limit will be announced winner(s).

When two players have the same number of points, the tournament performance is the tie break.


How does the pairing work?

At the beginning of the tournament, players are paired based on their rating.

As soon as you finish a game, return to the tournament lobby: you will then be paired with a player close to your ranking. This ensures minimum wait time, however you may not face all other players in the tournament.

Play fast and return to the lobby to play more games and win more points.


How does it end?

The tournament has a countdown clock. When it reaches zero, the tournament rankings are frozen, and the winner is announced. Games in progress must be finished, however they don't count for the tournament.